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Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management, sometimes referred to as MTM, is a comprehensive medication review conducted by a pharmacist or other licensed healthcare professional. This service is being offered at Imlay City Family Practice by Jeff Erman, PharmD, a licensed pharmacist specially trained in medication management. Medication management includes not only a review of a patient’s medications but also a review of the patient’s entire health history. The intent of medication therapy management is to optimize a patient’s medication therapy. This may include education for the patient and/ or caregiver regarding medications or the patient’s medical conditions, recommendations to a patient’s provider to adjust a medication, monitoring lab values and effectiveness of a patient’s medications.

The concept of MTM was introduced by CMS with the addition of Medicare part D. Imlay City Family Practice supports the idea behind medication management and believes patient’s who understand and take their medications appropriately will benefit most from those medications and lead healthier lives. At Imlay City Family Practice, these services are offered at no charge to the patient.

MTM services are ideal for patients who have been diagnosed with multiple medical conditions and take medications for those conditions. It is also for anyone who understand their medications and believe they may be experiencing side effects from medications, has difficulty following their medication regimen, has trouble affording their medications or has any questions or concerns with their medications.

During a MTM visit, the pharmacist will work to make sure you fully understand your medication regimen, help create a schedule for you to take your medications correctly, and work to address side effects you may be having from your medications. The pharmacist may also work to ensure you can afford your medications and may make recommendations to change therapy to a more affordable option. Sometimes the pharmacist is even able to recommend discontinuing unnecessary or no longer beneficial medications. If necessary, the pharmacist may also assist you in finding and enrolling in programs to assist with the expense of high priced medications.

At a typical MTM visit the pharmacist will review with the patient or patient’s caregiver, the entire list of medications including over the counter medications, supplements and herbals the patient is taking. This visit may also be used to address any questions the patient may have about their medications. The pharmacist may also review medical history and immunizations, order labs if appropriate and consult with your doctor if necessary. Any questions you have can be addressed and a plan of care to manage your medication therapy will be established. If necessary, a follow up visit can be scheduled.

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